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What You Eat
How You Think
How You Move
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The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

- Socrates
Have you ever used diet and/or exercise in the past with mixed results, or results that haven't lasted?
I have
Mel has
Hannah has
So, if diet and exercise aren't the answer (I'll be honest - they are just tools that you, and me, have been using to ill effect), what is?

It wasn't until we went away, researched and trialled our 'Ever Shred' technology that we found the missing ingredients - and just as important, how to execute them.

This changed my life

It changed Mel's life
And it sure as Hell changed Hannah's Life
We only ever coach 20 people through the 'EVER SHRED' at one time (we value our success rate so highly we don't undervalue or oversell our program) so we need to make sure we only take the most committed action takers.
But don't just take our word for it....

"After 6 weeks putting a lot of effort and always following Gary’s advice, I’ve been able to lose 5kg and 6% of fat. It might be difficult at the beginning but once you start feeling the change in your body, it gets easier" - Yolanda C

"Today I wanted to share my 6 weeks challenge results, which I’m so happy with. I lost 6% body fat and I built nearly 2% of muscle. The beginning was hard and I wanted to quit but once I finished I realised the effort was worth it." - Maria 

Choose Your Own Path - Shape Your Own Results
3 Week Fitness Firestarter
For those just getting started and needing a little boost, direction and support
3 x one on one personal training sessions
3 weeks of unlimited HIIT private group training sessions
24/7 gym access plus FREE parking and FULL amenities
Custom nutrition program, meal plan and recipe guide
Advanced progress tracking
Personal accountability coach
Community support network
25% discount off ALL SCRaM Shed memberships*
12 Week Fitness Flamethrower
For those that want guaranteed results towards targeted goals
Custom individualised program based on individual circumstances
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